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Sunday, June 29, 2014 - Website Review

How many of you hate to cook in the sweltering summers, please raise your hand! I love eating food cooked at home (by my mom!) and I hate to cook myself (I know its kind of crazy but I'll let you in on a little secret - I love to watch cookery shows and cupcake wars just keeps me hooked if there is nothing else to watch!) Anyhow, in summers I specially detest cooking and prefer to use the microwave despite the varying researches on whether its good or bad for the nutrients in the food. And I love eating out and ordering in.

Usually when we need to order food and have guests over we tend to order from multiple sites, so that we can cater to everyone's varying tastes. Some like pizzas, others want to have Chinese and some would like to have their traditional Indian food. It becomes crazy ordering from multiple sites (or over the phone) so this time we decided to try out - I had heard good reviews about this and have also seen the mailers with special discounts as well. I thought I'd share my experience about using the site in case someone has not yet ventured to their website. (for those of you who are not based in India you can check out and select your country - foodpanda actually has branches across 30 countries so do check out your local websites.) Website Review Website Review

The concept at foodpanda is pretty simple yet remarkable - instead of ordering different cuisines from different websites you can search for and order from a single website. Its like an umbrella for all your eating outlets!

You enter your location and it will list down all eating options that are close by. You can filter down by selecting the cuisine you wish to order, select your food, make the payment and then sit and relax till your food is delivered to your doorstep. The good thing is you get to see the restaurant rating, delivery time, minimum delivery amount as well as delivery charges (if any) listed right alongside the restaurant name. And if you happen to try to place an order beyond the restaurant timings it will let you know that the restaurant is closed and also mention the timings. Website Review Website Review
I am going to be a frequent user of the site now specially since they offer those really nice deals and discounts. Do check out the website the next time you plan to order online. For my football crazy friends, foodpanda has a special contest sort of thing going on - if you order above Rs 500 you can win yourself some cool prizes! Happy (in-house) Dining!


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