Skin Care For Men - Garnier OilClear To The Rescue

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Skin Care For Men - Garnier OilClear To The Rescue

Men have seemed to shy away from taking care of their skin. The maximum they will do is shave to get a clean look. The skin is left to the harsh effects of soap, not to forget the damage caused by the sun and pollution.

Just like women have moved towards face washes for the skin, men should move too. Face washes are gentler on the skin and with added benefits like moisturizers and oil-control factors, face washes clean your skin without damage.

Skin Care For Men - Garnier OilClear To The Rescue
Skin Care For Men - Garnier OilClear To The Rescue

Soap bars used traditionally for face wash are not just harsh for the skin, another reason for not recommending soap bars is hygiene. Unlike body skin, the skin on your face is much more sensitive. Using a face wash ensures that what you are putting on your face is not open to infection of any sort from the air or the use of dirty hands etc. And if you are a man on the go you will surely agree that carrying a face wash is always more convenient.

You must have read my post on the activity that was held by the Garnier Men team on twitter (read about it HERE). I think men don't bother about their skin, and those few who do shy away because they are given sarcastic looks when they go pick up a face wash that advertises to make you a beautiful girl :)

To answer your woes, Garnier has come out with a special face wash targeted towards men. The Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash is meant for deep cleansing action. It helps remove excess oil without drying your skin. So men, you no longer have to hide your concern for your skin.

#SayNoToBars and #SayYesToOilClear

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  1. This is really nice for men


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