The Body Shop Lilac Mo Bath Gloves - Review

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Body Shop Lilac Mo Bath Gloves - Review

Yesterday I reviewed a body wash, so obviously next up should be something that can be used to apply that body wash giving you good lather and a nice scrub. The bath gloves from The Body Shop (TBS) are simply great.

The Body Shop Lilac Mo Bath Gloves
The Body Shop Lilac Mo Bath Gloves
The first thing that attracts you to these bath gloves is their vibrant colour – a lovely light purple.
The bath gloves are made of a soft mesh like fabric with a bit of nylon it seems. Details are not there on the tag but the gloves feel soft and not abrasive.

The Body Shop Lilac Mo Bath Gloves
There is a small hook like thing attached to one end so that you can easily hang these for drying. The gloves fit my hands very well but will be small for anyone with larger hands. I would say if your hand is larger than 8 inches then these might be slightly small for you. I bought these on-line but if you do have larger hands then try them at a TBS store before buying them.

The Body Shop Lilac Mo Bath Gloves
Now how to use these – simple – wear them on your hands,  wet them, take the body wash in your hands and simply scrub all over your body. And once done wash them with soap and water and hang to dry. The after effect of the scrubbing action on your skin – smooth, absolutely smooth and soft feeling skin. Top it up with a moistruizer for winters and you are all set. I love this concept of wearing the gloves so that you don’t have to worry about the loofah reaching every nook and corner of your body. You can scrub your elbows, knees and even your heels.

If the gloves are new and your skin is irritated in some place then avoid scrubbing that area. So what are you waiting for? If you don’t have these now is the time to grab a pair!

You can buy these online at They are priced at Rs 235

The Body Shop Lilac Mo Bath Gloves
What do you use to scrub in the shower?


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