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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Vaya - Drynk To Stay Cool Through The Day

Hi friends! Last week I styled my basic drink - plain cold water - in a bottle that makes heads turn wherever I take it along! I'm introducing you all to my new thirst companion, the Vaya Drynk in Gold.

Vaya Drynk bottle, sipper, gulper
Vaya Drynk in Gold

Drynk is a sipper and gulper all in one. It comes in a variety of colors, a glossy finish as well as a metallic finish, and two different sizes, 600mL amd 350mL. I chose the Gold metallic finish in 600mL size. The Gold Drynk looks classic. Now coming to what makes this bottle so cool. This bottle comes with a flip top sipper cap, and one gulping cap. It also has two travel friendly glasses. The whole set comes in a convenient pack. The bottle itself is made of stainless steel which means its easy to clean and maintain. The lids and glasses are BPA free making them safer than regular plastic bottles. While the larger boytle is great for water and juices, the smaller size is perfect for tea and coffee.

Drynk Sipper and Gulper
Vaya Drynk Sipper & Gulper

The sipper cap is designed so that you never hit your nose while sipping. It has a magnetic lid which means you'll never have hygiene issues with a lost cap cover.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Custom Printed Cushions

Hi everyone! This time I'm sharing a quick experience I had in getting a custom cushion printed. I was searching for a cushion to use in office and wanted something that would stand out.

Based on my previous experience with canvaschamp.in from which I got two canvas prints done (read about canvas print surprise), I decided to explore their site for other custom things. I saw that they had a custom cushion priced at Rs 399 only for a 12x12 size cushion. This includes the cushion as well as the custom printed cover.

I did not want a very personal photo to be printed and instead chose a fun Disney quote that I found online. I love Winnie The Pooh series and decided to get this image printed.

Winnie The Pooh Quotes

And here is the cushion which came in 5 days. It was packed tightly in a hard cardboard cylinder. The cover was folded separately.

Canvaschamp custom print cushion

The cover did have some wrinkles due to the folds but within a day they smoothed out after I put it over the cushion. The fabric is synthetic with a satin feel to the outer surface. You can print on the back as well for an extra charge but text is free. I got 'Winnie & Friends' written on the back just to give it that full Winnie The Pooh feel.

I love the final product and think this is a great gifting option. Would you gift a custom cushion, if yes what kind of print would you get done?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Unboxing: My Envy Box - June Beauty Paraben Free

Hi everyone!
It's time to share the contents of the June My Envy Box. This month the luxury box is all about natural skin care. There are four full sized products and one sample product.

The box is such a refreshing bubble gum colored one, quite unlike the earthy products inside.

My Envy Box June 2018 - Paraben Free

Price: Rs 850 (buy at myenvybox.com)
Products worth: Rs 3600

1. Shankara Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan (Rs 700 for 70gm)
The ubtan comes in a powder form and works as a cleanser, a scrub and a mask. You can mix the powder with a little bit of rose water, lemon juice or milk depending on your skin type. Rose water usually works well for all skin types. Lemon is great for oily skin while milk acts as a moisturiser for dry skin.
Shankara Deep Cleanse ubtan is paraben free and an all herbal product. I think this is a good product to use specially for the summer months.

Shankara, Ras Luxury Oils, Elenblu, Plump, Bio bloom

2. Plump - Gold Dust Body Oil (Rs 1499 for 50ml)
I was really looking out for an oil that I can use in replacement for my moisturiser because I'm trying to go all natural and chemical free. This sounds promising with the base of grapeseed oil. It is quite expensive but considering the claim for real 24K gold, I hope this works well. It also contains Vitamin E oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, orange oil and lemon grass oil.

3. Elenblu Waterproof Mascara (Rs 599 for 8gm)
This is a jet black mascara with a wand that has a rounded tip (sort of) to give high volume lashes. With the rainy season approaching this is a must have in every girls vanity. Voluminous lashes make a huge difference to the way your face looks so this is another good product to try out.

4. Ras Luxury Oils - Skin Clearing Face Elixir ( Rs 470 for 3gm)
Now this is a high end luxury product that is being raved about. Made up of essential oils this serum is targeted towards leaving you with clear skin specially if you have acne. It has to be used on a clean face and just a few drops are good enough for the entire face.

5. Bio Bloom - Facial Scrub Gel (Rs 350 for 50ml)
A face scrub that contains essential oils of ylang ylang, rose, aloe vera and walnut particles to scrub away dead skin cells without leaving you with parched skin. I've started using this already and really like how it leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not oily. The walnut particles are very fine and gentle enough for a good scrub.

Overall a good value for money box once again. Which of these products excite you the most? 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Unboxing: My Envy Box Resort Edition

[Delhi summers are killing us all, but that doesn't mean we can't pamper ourselves, right?
Well, this month's My Envy Box came as a relief with some well thought out products for summers. It is called the 'Resort Edition' and rightly so.

my envy box resort edition

Look at how gorgeous the box is. I want to run off to a nice beach!
This month's box has products worth Rs 3250 and a product worth Rs 999 free!!!

Price: Rs 850 ( book for 3 months at Rs 2000 by using the code FLAT2000) - available at http://www.myenvybox.com

Now coming straight to the contents of the box. This month's box comes with 4 full sized products and an extra product thrown in with the coupon code MOTHERSDAY (which they later changed to COCCOON)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Unboxing: My Envy Box April Beauty Box

Hey everyone! How is life? I'm excited to share this month's My Envy Box which comes with 5 full sized beaty products!

Take a look at the beautiful cardboard box first.

My Envy box april beauty box

The box is priced at Rs 850 and you can buy it or subscribe for it at www.myenvybox.com

Now let's take a look at the products inside (if you follow our insta stories you must have seen these beauty products already!)

1. All Good Scents - Miss Diva Body Mist (Rs 450 for 150ml)
I got the fragrance Showstopper, a little too heady for my taste but would surely be loved by a lot of girls. I know I'm gifting this to someone.