Online Shopping Trends - Are You Showrooming?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Online Shopping Trends - Are You Showrooming?

Recently a leading news paper carried a story on showrooming - where people window shop to check out the fit and size of products and later purchase it online at a much lower cost or with cashback deals. I think popularity of showrooming is really on the rise. One such online site that people are drawn to is Cashkaro.

Online Shopping Trends - Are You Showrooming?

Cashkaro is back with its second edition on Online Shopping Trends and it’s really interesting to see how 95% of the Online Shopping Population finds the concept of Cashback attractive!

Cashkaro conducted the survey among its Social Media followers to capture interesting shopping trends and found that Flipkart remains to be the favourite online shopping website and also found out that while cheaper price is the main reason people shop online, Deals and Cashback are becoming increasingly popular!

Check out the detailed info-graphic which gives details about the findings of this survey.

If you can't see the image properly click on it to enlarge it.

What do you think about this survey - does it match your own reasons to shop online? Do you prefer cashback too? Are you guilty of showrooming - I am and I'll rather say so proudly for saving my hard earned money :)

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