Za True White Toner Review

Monday, August 4, 2014

Za True White Toner Review

The internet is flooded with articles on why it is important to follow the CTM routine (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) and reluctantly I have started following it as well. Its like regular exercise - you can't appreciate the need for it until you start practicing it on a daily basis.

These days I'm working with products that help even tone my skin and fade out blemishes. And in this endeavor of mine the new Za True White Toner has been a boon.
Za True White Toner Review
Za True White Toner Review

Za True White Toner comes from the house of Shiseido. The toner comes in a tall white plastic bottle with a fat round cap and a small nozzle that dispenses just enough product at a time.

Like any toner you are supposed to use this after cleansing your face. I apply it on a piece of cotton and wipe my entire face and neck with it. (Always continue on your neck area to make sure your skin on the neck is also taken care off)
Za True White Toner Review
Za True White Toner Review

Overall the Za True White toner has kept new blemishes away, old ones are fading (but I won't say its just because of this toner, there are other skin care products that contribute to the blemish fading). It does not break me out, is fragrance free and makes my skin feel refreshed. Overtime its usage promises to give a even toned translucent skin. For best results it is advised to use all products in your CTM from this range.

Za True White Toner is priced at Rs 699 (for 150ml)

You can purchase Za products online HERE

I would rate this at a 4/5 and I'm taking off points for the price factor as it makes it less affordable specially if you are a college student working on a tight budget!

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*PS: product sent by brand for review, opinion is honest based on personal experience with the product


  1. nice review
    does it contain alcohol?

    1. yes it does, see the second pic for full list of ingredients - i hope it maximizes in your browser


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