POSITIVE Root Therapy + Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth - Review

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

POSITIVE Root Therapy + Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth - Review

My last review was of a product from the POSITIVE brand. I tried two of their products as I mentioned in my previous post. Today I'm reviewing their Root Therapy+ Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth.

POSITIVE Root Therapy + Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth - Review

The Onion Oil for Hair Growth comes in a plastic bottle with a pump cap. The consistency is quite rich and it has a pleasant fragrance that reminds me of saunf or Anise. The pump makes it very convenient to dispense the oil and there is no spillage in case you topple the bottle over with your oily hands (yes this is a real life possibility when you are oiling your own hair).

POSITIVE Root Therapy + Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth - Review

This Root Therapy hair oil is a unique blend of 18 essential oils and 37 herbs!  Onion Hair Growth oil is power packed with nutrients like sulfur, amino acids and Omega 9 fatty acids known for their nourishing properties. The brand claims that regular usage of this oil helps improve the life cycle of hair and may even encourage hair growth.

POSITIVE Root Therapy + Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth - Review

The oil is to be massaged on the scalp focusing well on the hair roots. You can leave it on for 30 mins before washing but for best results you need to leave it on overnight (put a shower cap and there will be no messy pillows in the morning!) After washing with a regular shampoo the oil leaves hair feeling nourished and healthy. I haven't used it enough to ascertain the claim on hair growth. Using it once a week for around a month isn't really enough for controlling hair fall or enhancing hair growth for any oil. I will come back and update this review after a few more months of usage. 

Some of the active ingredients in this oil are

  • onion oil - source of sulphur which is said to make hair thicker and stronger
  • argan oil - well known for its smoothening properties
  • almond oil - traditionally used to promote scalp health
  • castor oil- contains ricinoleic acid and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • redensyl - a relatively new ingredient that is supposed to really work for hair regrowth
  • bhringhraj oil - another oil used since ages in India for healthy hair and scalp
  • ginseng oil - ginseng is an essential herb for hair care
  • argan oil - this is extremely good for preventing frizzy hair (you can check my earlier review of a pure argan oil based product HERE)
  • olive oil - is a good source of vitamin E
  • fenugreek seeds - a paste of fenugreek seeds is like magic for the smoothness of hair
  • sandalwood oil - a rich source of vitamin E and has cooling properties too
Overall an amalgamation of sulphur, proteins, minerals, keratin, and vitamins, the POSITIVE Root Therapy+ Advanced Onion Oil is a promising product.

Currently priced at Rs 999 , it is available at a deal price of Rs 495 at Amazon

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