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Friday, July 28, 2017

FACES Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation - Review, Price, Swatches

I have been a big fan of previous FACES foundations that I have used and have one more to share with you all. This is the FACES Ultime Pro Second Skin foundation.

FACES Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation - Review, Price, Swatches

It comes in frosted glass bottle with a pump cap. The bottle looks luxurious.
It is convenient to dispense but due to the glass packaging it can't accompany me on my travels.

FACES Ultime Pro Second Skin Foundation claims to be an ultra-lightweight liquid to powder foundation owing to its new breakthrough color technology.

It is a serum based foundation and does actually feel almost like water when you apply it to your skin. Its like there is nothing on your skin at all. The coverage is medium build-able.
The finish it imparts to the skin is very natural, almost matte. The smooth texture makes this foundation literally glide on your skin.

FACES Ultime Pro Second Skin is available in four different shades ranging from light to dark - Ivory, Natural, Beige and Sand,
Shades have been chosen to work with the Indian skin tone and the foundation also comes with SPF 15.

Price: Rs.1499 for 30ml [available on flipkart for Rs 1199]

Monday, July 24, 2017

A Day At V Club, Gurgaon

a weekend at V Club

Last weekend I got to spend a day at the V Club, Gurgaon (or Gurugram!). Read on to know more about this Club and how I spent my day there.

V Club is a luxurious full-service Club in the heart of Vipul World, Sector 48. The place looks grand as you enter the tall gates into an area flocked with a beautiful landscape. 

We (my husband and I) were welcomed by the reception staff and promptly taken up to our room on the forth floor. All rooms are pleasantly decorated in a white and green theme. They have large windows that overlook the Gurgaon city. From our window we could see the nearby Tatvam Villas (which were gorgeous by the way!)

V Club rooms

Each room is equipped with a tea/coffee machine, television, a small sofa, and a table n chair. There is an almirah where you can store your stuff (but there is no locker available)

In all there are 20 rooms. We were in 402 which faces the city. The rooms are inter-connecting in case you are visiting along with other family members or friends.

V Club room interiors

V Club caters to a vast audience of different age groups. They have ample space for family and corporate events. And the highlight is the plethora of activities that you can undertake at the club. There are 2 indoor badminton courts, 2 squash courts, 2 table tennis tables, lawn tennis courts, a nice gym, and facility for yoga and Zumba classes. Steam and locker facilities are available. There is an outdoor pool, a Jacuzzi, and a kids pool too. 

V Club also hosts special events like music nights, workshops, sports tournaments and even hobby classes for its members. Members also get special discounts on dining and Cafe Deli, beverage privileges (discounts on IMFL at On the Rock, Lounge and Bar) and discounts on rooms as well (subject to availability)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Book Review: Harappa Curse Of The Blood River by Vineet Bajpai

I just finished reading Vineet Bajpai's latest engrosser - Harappa Curse Of The Blood River.
Before I began reading this I had no clue what kind of a book it was. So I casually started off reading the introduction chapter. It casually introduced incidents occurring in 4 different time eras and 4 different locations - from 1856 AD, Barrackpore, 1578 AD Portugal, 1700 BCE Harappa, and 2017, New Delhi.

Book Review: Harappa Curse Of The Blood River by Vineet Bajpai

Vidyut Shastri, the protagonist is introduced as an entrepreneur who runs a successful security company, and is about to visit his great grandfather in Banaras. We learn a bit about the Curse of the Blood River.

And then the story becomes a fast paced Bollywood thriller. Vineet has done a splendid job in carving out each of the characters in the book. His descriptions make the characters come alive in your mind. Romi, the sophisticated assassin, Paras, the caring driver, Chandradhar, Damini, Bala, Naina, Priyamvada, they all play important roles in this story that simply stuns you.

Each alternate chapter talks about the present, the story unfolding in the heart of Banaras. The city were the half-human, half-God must prove himself in freeing everyone from the Curse. While you come to terms with the present, the story entwines you in the history of Harappa. The story is an intelligent mix of mythology, occult practices, betrayal, love and the destruction of the greatest civilization - all laid out in front of you in such a vivid manner that you become a part of the story as you read it through.

The narrative is nail biting and the end leaves you with the same feeling that you get after watching Bahubali part 1. It's been over a week since I finished reading this and the story still reverberates in my mind. I am anxiously awaiting the next part of this series of four books.

Harappa Curse of the Blood River is a MUST read for anyone who enjoys reading fiction. And I really hope someone in Bollywood picks this up to create a movie that will be as nail-biting as the book is.

A few quotes from the book that have stayed with me:
"Anger is the darkest poison"
"In Sanatana and Hindu dharma, women represent the Goddess Herself. And the Godess bows to no one. We bow to Her"
"Our dharma places the woman on a much higher pedestal than man"

Quite contrary to what we see being practised yet an eye opener as to how much our religion has been twisted and turned to satisfy the greed and needs of some people. Anyhow, that is a different topic altogether.

Happy reading!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Top 4 Favorite Shades of ColourPop Lippie Stix Swatched & Reviewed

The ColourPop craze hit the makeup crazy fans long back. I had been eyeing a few products myself and finally took the plunge to add some of their lipsticks to my stash.

ColourPop is a company based in USA and in the month of May they had a promotion going on where they were giving free ground and international shipping. I did not want my lipsticks to get stuck at customs and so got these delivered to a friend's place in USA.

I got four lippie stix, 1 Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick and a lip primer. As part of my order I got two mini Ultra Satin lipsticks free.

I spent quite a lot of time online trying to narrow down the shades  I wanted.
In this post I will be sharing my top 4 favorite shades from ColourPop Lippie Stix.

Top 4 Favorite Shades of ColourPop Lippie Stix Swatched & Reviewed

The ColourPop Lippie Stix come in a white plastic casing. The end tip of the stick is color coded to represent the lipstick shade. I think the packaging is very attractive without being flashy at all.

There are a total of around 62 shades in the lippie stix category with textures ranging from Matte, Satin, Matte X, and Crème. Different shades come in different textures so you can't just pick a shade and then chose the texture you want it in.

Price: $5 (after conversion charges this comes out to be around Rs 400)

The shades that I picked out are Contempo, Cami, Parker and Lumière.

MLBB Shades of ColourPop Lippie Stix Reviewed

Cami Lippie Stix is an ultra matte cool toned mauve lipstick. This is the most drying of all the lippie stix that I have but the color is absolutely gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How To Shop From The USA - myMallBox To The Rescue

You have this huge wish list of makeup, gadgets, food, and other nick nacks that you want to buy from stores in the USA. You ask all your friends if anyone is going there and could do you a favor of bringing the products for you. Sometimes you are lucky and a friend would agree, at other times, well you keep adding to that wish list of yours.

A lot of products are much cheaper in the USA than in India and other countries. Hence we all have our little wishlists that we keep sitting on. myMallBox.com is a website I came across a couple of months ago. They say "You Shop from a U.S. retailer and we ship to anywhere in the world".

This post is about my experience of using myMallBox to get hold of a few products I really needed. So let's dive straight in.

How To Shop From The USA - myMallBox To The Rescue

myMallBox.com is an online website which requires you to register before using their services. Upon registration you are allotted your own U.S. address. This is the address where all your products from U.S. retailers are shipped to. Basically it is a suite number that you get allotted in their warehouse. One big advantage of shopping with myMallBox is that their warehouse is located in a tax free zone - which means you don't pay any taxes when you provide the U.S. address allotted to you!

[When you sign up you can use my link to get $5 store credit instantly - register HERE]

You also need to enter the address in your own country where the items will be shipped to finally once you checkout. This would be your Indian address or U.K. address etc based on where you live.

How To Shop From The USA - why ship with myMallBox

Once you have registered, you have two buying options. The first option is simple. Buy products from any online retailer that ships in the U.S. and during checkout give the U.S. address that was assigned to you. This is like any other online purchase with the only difference being that now you have a U.S. address even though you may be sitting in a country far off. Your purchase is being directed to the myMallBox warehouse.

The other option is to ask the team at myMallBox to buy the products for you. This is very useful if you have an item that you wish to buy from a retailer who does not have online shopping options.
This option is called the 'Buy For Me' option. In this option you have to give precise details as to what is the product, which shop should this be bought from, and a picture if you have one. This option does have a small charge ($4.50 and 3% transaction fee). The good part is that if you are ordering several items from the same store you can create a single order for all of them so that the overall charge for the order still remains $4.50. Basically you are clubbing all your items in a single 'buy for me' order.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Seer Secrets Body Cleansers - Review, Swatch

Seer Secrets is a new brand of bath and body products that has come into the market. I was sent 3 samples to try out and I'll be sharing my review of these products with you all. Let's take a look at the three samples of Seer Secrets body cleansers that I received.

Seer Secrets Body Cleansers - Review, Swatch

The three variants of the body cleansers pictured above are Sedative Jasmine & Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body Cleanser, Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Stimulating Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser, Neroli & White Tea Refreshing Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser. The full sized bottle comes with a lock enabled pump and contains 250 ml of the product.

Seer Secrets Body Cleansers With Locking Cap

Price: Rs 594 (for 250 ml)
Seer Secrets body cleansers are available on amazon.in for Rs 549

Seer Secrets products are sulfate free, paraben free and do not contain phosphates, DEA, TEA, MEA or dyes. Since these are made up of natural ingredients the shelf life is 3 months. The detailed ingredient list is mentioned on the bottle.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Unboxed: June My Envy Box

A bright blue box arrived at my work desk and my Monday blues were surely gone! My Envy Box June edition came with products that are all winners for me. Let's dive in and see what all we have inside!

Unboxed: June My Envy Box

The luxury beauty box can be purchased online for Rs 850 per month. You can visit myenvybox.com and register for your montly subscription or longer subscriptions which actually give you a lower cost per month.

So what came inside the box - a total of 6 products worth a total of Rs 2850
There are products from Vetro, essence cosmetics, Votre, a perfume vial and 2 sachets from Forest Essentials. 

Let's first quickly talk about the sample sized products before we move onto the larger full sized ones. 
The box came with two sachets (one each) of a day cream and a night cream targeted for teenage skin. Forest Essentials products are usually good so even though I'm not a teenager I'll give these a try just to see the texture of the products. These two sachets have product worth over Rs 250 each!
Next I'll talk about the perfume vial - this is something I always look forward to in My Envy Box. This time my box contains a sample of Dahlia Divin from Givenchy. This is a floral perfume with a woody undertone. The full size of this product costs Rs 7450 for 75ml (the vial turns out to be around Rs 200!)

Forest essentials, essence, Votre, Givenchy, Vetro
Unboxed: June My Envy Box

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil - Review, Price, Swatches

Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil - Review, Price, Swatches
Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil - Review, Price, Swatches

Define, shape and sculpt your brows for that prefect fashion brow with Maybelline's new range of products specially created for the eyebrows. There are three products that have been launched and I am reviewing the Fashion Brow Cream eye pencil from this range.

The eyebrow pencil is a regular pencil that needs sharpening. It comes with a clear plastic lid and the shade of the pencil is marked on the end of the pencil.

Price: Rs 175

Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil - Review, Price, Swatches

Monday, May 29, 2017

FACES Ultime Pro Supreme Gel Eyeliner - Review, Swatch, Price

There are black liners and then there is the FACES Ultime Pro Supreme Gel Eyeliner - from packaging to product, FACES has impressed me completely with this little makeup marvel!

FACES Ultime Pro Supreme Gel Eyeliner - Review, Swatch, Price
FACES Ultime Pro Supreme Gel Eyeliner - Review, Swatch, Price

 FACES Ultime Pro Supreme Gel Eyeliner allows you to line your eyes with the precision of a liquid liner, the intensity and ease of a gel eyeliner, and longevity of a wonder horse. I have had many long stay formulas glide right off my eyelids without my knowing, so when this worked, I was surely impressed.

Price: Rs 649 [available for Rs 519 HERE]

FACES Ultime Pro Supreme Gel Eyeliner - Review, Swatch, Price
FACES Ultime Pro Supreme Gel Eyeliner - Review, Swatch, Price
The texture of the Supreme Gel Eyeliner is smooth and creamy making it easy to apply. It settles down to a jet black matte finish that is water and sweat proof so you can welcome the monsoons without fear (although monsoons really are no where in sight at the moment, sigh!)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipsticks - Review, Swatches, Price

Recently launched, Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel lipsticks are making waves in the world of makeup. Oriflame claims that these lipsticks are going to "knock your socks off"

Oriflame The ONE Vinyl Gel Lipsticks
Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipsticks - Review, Swatches, Price
The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel is a liquid lipstick that comes in a tube form with a doe tip applicator just like any other liquid lipstick. However it packs in a win-win combination of the texture of a fluid with a plexigloss finish. Its a high gloss formula with extreme shine that is opaque!

Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipsticks
Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipsticks

The lipsticks come in a see through tube so that you can see the color of the product. You can press the applicator against the lips to apply a thin coat or lather on a thicker coat for higher opacity. You can also layer on thin coats to achieve the true color intensity.

The lipstick is moisturizing and feels light weight and smooth on the lips.

The Vinyl Gel lipsticks have a great wear time, much better than any gloss and comparable to matte liquid lipsticks. With a light meal or cup of tea the gloss will fade away but the color remains intact on the lips. The darker shades actually remain on the lips almost like a tint throughout the day. I tested this from afternoon till dinner including two meals and a tea break. The darker shades remained till dinner which was really impressive.

Price: Rs 699 [ currently available for Rs 499 HERE ]

There are 7 shades in this range which are Tangerine Tango, Hot Flamingo, Magnetic Magenta, Purple Rumba, Malibu Blush, Sunset Burst and Pink Mambo.


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