Faceless Expressions - water color paintings

Friday, April 27, 2012

Faceless Expressions - water color paintings

I have dabbled with water colors now and then - in fact water colors are the easiest to use and give me a sense of calm. The lightness of the color, the ease with which it spreads on paper - I just love it.
Painting with water colors is what we are taught in school and since then I have always fallen back on this technique whenever I am painting just for gaining my inner peace.
There is something about the wet colors as they transform on paper which takes me to a different world altogether.
Here are two paintings that I did long back - I call them faceless expressions.
Hope you like them.
faceless expression - water color on paper

faceless expression 2 - water color on paper


  1. Nice work! Following all ur blogs:) Do check out mine and follow if you like!

  2. thanks Shy! Will surely check yours :)


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