Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Colour - Fairy Tale Ivory - Review

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Colour - Fairy Tale Ivory - Review

Sally Hansen nail paints are really becoming my favourite. The nail paint I am reviewing today is from their Diamond Strength range.
The nail paints from the diamond strength range are no chip nail paints. The colour lasts on your nails for a very long time - it does not chip at all. Even after a week of having this on my nails it only fades off - never chips not even at the edges!

The nail polish comes in a glass bottle with a very cute little diamond stud on it (click on the pic to enlarge it and you will see the shiny diamond stud)
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
The back label contains details about the nail paint and ingredients - I couldn't capture the back label properly as the shimmer particles would cause the light to reflect off and not give a clean shot.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - back label
The shade I have is 02 Fairy Tale Ivory. Its a very pale pink colour with loads of shimmer particles. One coat only leaves the shimmer on your nails and two coats give you the nice soft pink colour to the nails. Nails appear healthier after applying this nail paint. I love how naturally shimmery my nails look after applying Fairy Tale Ivory.
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - swatch
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - sparkly nails
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
I simply love the shade and the longevity of this nail paint. I do want to try out other shades from this range because nothing has lasted longer on my nails as much as the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength.

Details at a glance:
Packaging       : glass bottle with plastic cap - and a diamond stud on the front
Pigmentation  : good
Fragrance       : none
Staying power: long lasting
Price              : Rs. 500 (approx)

What I like:
1. The colour
2. Sparkly Finish
3. No chip - long lasting

What I don't like:
1. Nothing

style tip: apply a thin layer of this nail paint on your other nail polishes as a shimmery top coat - your nail paint will last longer and you can change the shade of your nail paints with the soft pink tinge in this nail paint.


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