Fade Out Active Fade Cream - Review

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fade Out Active Fade Cream - Review

I was looking for a cream that could fade a few spots on my face and while searching the internet I came across a product called Fade Out. I searched some more and found good reviews by a lot of people for the Fade Out Original Active Fade Cream.

After some search I found this available on an Indian online website and decided to give it a shot. I got a pack that had 50% extra product so I was quite happy. It came for a price of Rs 700 for 75ml. It is now on discount and available for Rs 525 HERE
Fade Out Original Active Fade Cream
Fade Out Original Active Fade Cream comes in a small round glass pot encased in a cardboard box packaging (as seen above). The box gives details about the Zyalight Formula which claims to give noticeable results within 4 weeks.

Fade Out Original Active Fade Cream - about
The plastic pot is really cute and has a screw top lid. There is a detailed instruction pamphlet inside which tells you how to use the product. The product itself is a very light weight cream with a medicinal smell. The texture is not runny at all and yet it is not oily. The Fade Out cream sinks into the skin very easily and does not leave any greasiness on the skin. It does moisturize the area very well.

Fade Out Original Active Fade Cream
I started to use this on my face but later realized this cream is not meant to reduce acne scars (which is mentioned clearly in the pamphlet) - oh boy! the whole reason of buying this was gone. So I stopped using it on my face mainly because of the medicinal smell and opted instead to try it out on my legs on areas that were slightly darker than the rest of my body. Before I forget I must mention that it did not break me out when I used this on my face.

After using it for about 1 month I would say I wasn't too impressed maybe because I was expecting this to be miraculous based on reviews I had read. There was a slight noticeable difference but nothing that I would be delighted about. I am still using this in place of a body moisturizer on my legs on the darker areas. There is an instant brightness in the area you apply but I think that is mainly because of the good moisturization it provides.

Fade Out Original Active Fade Cream
Fade Out Original Active Fade Cream - swatch

Will I repurchase this product - well clearly no - it did not work for me as I was expecting it to. I don't have freckles or other age spots so I cannot comment on the claim about that.

If you do have age spots or other problems this promises to tackle and don't mind medicinal smelling products, I would say give it a try. If nothing else you will surely like the moisturization and smoothness imparted to the skin.

For me I would have still been happy with this Fade Out cream and used it as a regular face moisturizer if it did not have the medicinal smell. I do have a desire to try out other products from the Fade Out range specially if they have anything targeted towards acne.

Have you tried this cream and did it work for you?

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  1. not yet had a chance to try this out but i think i'll pass. nice review

    1. thanks dear. Are you aware of any other similar product that works - specially something for acne scars that might have worked for you or your friends?

  2. Its good works on what it claims it will that is Hyperpigmentation, Melasma. If u want it real cheap pick it up from Beauty center for jes 400rs.


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