Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review

Hi everyone, how is your week progressing so far? I am busy trying out new products and seeking to get my stuff organized, its in a mess - need to do a wardrobe makeover as well. Anyhow, recently I ran out of my body wash and started using an organic soap that my aunt got me from Kerala. I am using it with a loofah made of some natural vines dried out. I will share both of these in a detailed review soon. But, since I prefer using a body wash I looked out for online options to make my purchase.

Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review

This time I landed on a website called Joy By Nature and thought of giving it a try. I have shopped from other sites offering organic products before and always prefer online shopping rather than going to the shops to make my purchase (its just so much more convenient!)

Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review
Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review
Here is something about Joy By Nature (I just took this off from their site

" is about delivering joy from nature to your home. aims to make accessible some revolutionary natural products that will significantly enhance your well-being and the quality of your day-to-day life.  This could be through products related to:
- Household cleanliness - making your household free of all unwanted flies, mosquitoes etc leaving it healthier
- Personal care - ensuring that your hair, skin, eyes etc glow at their very best, leaving you feel fragrant all day long
- Foodstuff - that would make you feel as perfect internally as you would externally through our personal care products
- Books - that would elevate your appreciation of self, and help you gain better control of your being
- Music - Yes! - music - that would leave your senses gratified by bringing you the best of sounds nature has to offer

These are just a few categories that we are starting off with - but this is just the tip - we are totally focused on bringing well-being from nature to every aspect of your life.  However, is not going to be crowded with brands - our products are carefully selected from a range of brands out there, and our focus is to bring only the best from nature to you. is our little yet passionate effort to offer to you the goodness of nature.  What would truly inspire us and help us serve you better is regular feedback, comments or suggestions from you."

Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review
Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review

Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review
Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review
My Experience

It was easy to find what I was looking for on the website, I purchased the body wash I was looking for and also bought a few other things that I'll share later.

Along with display of products, there are 4 sections on the homepage where information is provided the about benefits of natural products, natural lifestyle section which covers home remedies and articles on healthy living, a section on simple & healthy food recipes, and "Ask an Expert" section. This makes it easier for the buyer to get access to Naturopathy experts.
Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review
Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review

Overall the site is easy to browse and they offer a lot of products. I was happy to see the range of Natural Beauty - there are so many products listed on the site and you can filter based on what type of product you need. You can narrow the search by price and brand as well.

I really like products from Iraya, SoulTree, AuraVedic and Vedic Line and was glad to see them all available under one roof.

Reasons why you should check out their site:

  • Vast array of products
  • All organic products sourced from good brands
  • Discounts available - you can actually use Externalworld10 to get an additional 10% off on orders above Rs 499 if you shop HERE before 5th June. Free shipping is there for orders above Rs 499.
  • Helpful quick view of products 
  • You can post  your own recipes and other information in the special information section and get rewarded Rs 250 vouchers (share your views and get paid - isn't that great!)

A few things that can help improve the shopping experience would be

  • Filtering based on price should have a flexible range - like if I want something priced between Rs 200 and Rs 300 then currently I cannot do that since ranges are predefined
  • Ability to compare products 
  • Status to show what is in stock (I was informed after my order was placed that one product from my cart was not in stock but the customer care helped me pick out something that was in stock)
My products reached me in time, very nicely packed, each individual item was securely packed in bubble wrap where required.

And now here is what I purchased. 
Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review
Natural Beauty Haul - JoyByNature Online Shopping Review
I got a body wash from SoulTree, a body scrub from Iraya, an anti-acne gel from Iraya and a few little things to eat (roasted almonds and organic rice soya cookies)

I will be reviewing these products one by one after I have used them for a substantial amount of time. Till then you can pay a visit to the site and check out the products they offer. If you are placing an order don't forget to use the coupon code mentioned above to get your discount.

We are halfway through the week, weekend is almost here, so yay!!!

*PS: I had a voucher to make my purchase but my experience shared here is honest as always!


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