Top 5 Black Items On My #WhatTheBlack Wishlist

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Top 5 Black Items On My #WhatTheBlack Wishlist

Black evokes a lot of thoughts and holds a different meaning for different people. While Kareena Kapoor as Poo confirmed that black makes her look thin, guys look handsome in their black tuxedos.

For me black speaks to me of the dark night sky that makes the stars look pretty. Black is the colour whose absence defines white.

Black for me is the color of luxury. And here I present my wishlist for #WhatTheBlack activity.
I am not too materialistic but black evokes this sense of need for the best in terms of luxury so here goes:

1. An all-black Rado

2. Black Rolls Royce Phantom

3. Black diamond studded ring

4. A black Sabyasachi lehnga

5. Black Hermes Bag
Now a little bit about why the above five make it to my #WhatTheBlack wishlist. All of these are synonymous with classic beauties in their own realm. If I am choosing black to be a part of my life then I surely deserve the best!

And for the poet in me here is an ode to black.
Black - you are serene
Calm yet dark,
A little suspicious,
But always supreme.
The sensuous desire,
A mark of luxury,
Black - you are the king!

Now I tag you all to share what is your Black wishlist?

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