New Launch - L'Oréal Paris N*de Magic

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Launch - L'Oréal Paris N*de Magic

*Press Release

L'Oréal Paris unveils the most magical launch of 2014
Introducing L'Oréal Paris N*de Magic
A liquid powder foundation for flawless skin

N*de make-up is a rage this season with luminescent skin and light tones being seen on all the top fashion runways. L'Oréal Paris brings the trend to India with a product that gives your skin the perfect n*de glamorous finish. L'Oréal Paris launches N*de Magic, a gorgeous light-weight daily use foundation in 6 shades that contains an innovative formula with light oils for perfect coverage and a velvety touch. It gives you that impeccable and radiant look you have always desired.

New Launch -  L'Oréal Paris N*de Magic
New Launch -  L'Oréal Paris N*de Magic 

Nobody ever said foundation has to feel heavy. A magical invention from L'Oréal Paris laboratories, N*de Magic boasts of an airy, lighter-than-water formula that spreads 2x more than regular foundations giving your skin room to breathe and yet giving it a flawless finish.

New Application: This liquid powder foundation gives best results when shaken well before use. All you have to do is take the required amount of N*de Magic on your fingertips and then blend it in to your skin. The light liquid spreads evenly, gets easily absorbed and leaves a beautiful, talc-like finish to the skin.

New Launch -  L'Oréal Paris N*de Magic
New Launch -  L'Oréal Paris N*de Magic

New Finish:  L'Oréal Paris Nude Magic promises -        
Zero Imperfection
Zero Make up feel
Absolutely even, perfectly radiant skin

The product is priced at Rs. 899 and will be available in exclusive L'Oréal Paris outlets only. You can check out the shades and more details on the L'Oreal website HERE

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