Holii Gift Boxes - Perfect For Diwali

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holii Gift Boxes - Perfect For Diwali

Still searching for the perfect gift for your wife, sister, mother, teacher or any female this Diwali - look no further - you can gift a unique present from Holii. Holii has launched these really beautiful gift boxes for Diwali.

Each gift box is a metal box containing the gifts neatly wrapped in a white tissue with a gorgeous red ribbon tied around it.

Holii Gift Boxes - Perfect For Diwali, harrappa red wallet
Holii Gift Boxes - Perfect For Diwali

The box contains an essential oil, a pack of incense sticks and 3 fragrant little candles (these are very cute!) - these are the little Diwali special additions. The the main products in the boxes are wallets and clutches from Holii.

The box that I got is priced at Rs 2995 and contains the Holii Harappa zip-around red wallet and a clutch (single pocket with a detachable shoulder strap). The insides of these wallets are really bright and colorful too. The zip-around wallet has a lot of pockets - enough space to keep your cash and cards. The cross-body bag/clutch is ideal for an evening out where you only want to carry your phone and a few essentials.

Holii Gift Boxes - Perfect For Diwali, harappa wallet
Holii Gift Boxes - Perfect For Diwali

The wallets and bags from Holii are made of genuine leather. Holii products  are always very colorful and stylish.

So be different this Diwali with Holii Gift Boxes.

Price: Rs 1,995 & Rs 2,995

I am gifting this to my mom and sister this Diwali. What are you gifting this time around? 

Well don't forget to gift around a few smiles - nothing is more important that that - go out and hug someone you really love - thank the people who help you in your day-to-day life - gift some food to the needy - Diwali is all about spreading cheer - so while you head out to buy the material gifts do remember to gift the free things in life - love and care!

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