Winter Dressing 101 - How To Wear Ankle Boots

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Dressing 101 - How To Wear Ankle Boots

I was just thinking yesterday that this winter is not going to be cold enough (good for me!) and today I woke up to a chilly morning with a sun that refuses to shine bright.

If you are anywhere in the world where winters have settled in I'm sure you have pulled out your boots already. For regions that are extremely cold, long boots are a good bet to keep your legs and feet warm. But for countries like India where winters are cold but not snow cold, ankle boots are a good fashion staple.

For any fashion piece there is no absolute right or wrong. You wear something in a manner that suits your body but a lot of things do have absolute "do not" points to prevent you from making a fashion disaster.

Ankle boots are a great way to keep your feet warm and dress up a lot of outfits. Let's take a look at some points related to how to wear ankle boots.

1. With skinny jeans - this is the easiest style to wear your boots. If you have jeans that are tight at the ankles and do not scrunch up, they are your best bet to wear with ankle boots. They give your legs a lean look. Same is the case with leggings.

Indian fashion blog, skinny jeans, ankle boots
Winter Dressing 101 - How To Wear Ankle Boots (With Narrow Leg Pants)

2. With straight pants or jeans - if you want to wear your favorite pair of straight pants or jeans then you should roll up the end so that it sits just on top of the edge of your boots. You will need to do the same for pants that are narrow at the end but not skinny.

Your ankles will show through slightly. Make sure your socks are short and sit inside the boots. If you try to tuck in your pants into your ankle boots they will scrunch up and make your ankles look fat.
If you don't like the rolled up look (specially for a formal occasion) then a little secret will come to your rescue. Use an elastic band and sew it to the edge of your pants to resemble stirrup pants. This DIY will help your pants stay straight inside the boots without scrunching up through the day!

ankle boots, skinny jeans, pants, winter dressing, indian fashion blogger
Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots

3. With wide leg pants - let your pants cover your boots so that they just stay around half an inch above the ground. This allows you to show off your boots and also keeps your pants/jeans off the floor!

Winter Dressing 101 - How To Wear Ankle Boots
Bootcut Jeans with Ankle Boots (img source:

4. With skirts - short skirts look cute with boots. If you are wearing a skirt in winters pair them with leggings and then your boots look great and you stay stylishly warm as well.
Winter Dressing 101 - How To Wear Ankle Boots
Ankle Boots with Skirts (img source:

Again there are #EndlessWays to dress up your boots this winter.

My outfit details:
Zip pants: Max Fashion India
Sweater: Cloudbusters
Boots: Baretraps

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  1. I have fat ankles so ankle boots never look good on me, but I love them on others :)

  2. This is a good post. I'm not a fan of ankle boots, but I know it's a big trend.

  3. I love booties. I've worn them all the ways you described and then some. But I wear ankle socks or no socks so they aren't visible.

  4. I love ankle boots - I pair them with pencil skirts and opaque black tights for work.

  5. Unfortunately I'm so short that ankle boots usually make me look even shorter.

    1. try wearing tights the same color as your boots, it will elongate your legs and make you appear taller. I'm short too!

  6. I love ankle boots! Always looking for different ways to wear them. Thank you!

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