Simple rose nail art - with picture tutorial

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simple rose nail art - with picture tutorial

After my stint with sponging I was waiting to get some time to try out nail painting with toothpick designs. I have been busy lately so finally today when I got 10 minutes free this is what I did

rose nail art

This isn't a very elaborate piece of work - and as I said I finished this in 10 minutes (yes I know its not all that neat but in the time I had this is the best I could manage)

First I will simply describe what I did - just look at the pictures - and at the end I will show you steps pictorially so that it is clear how to do the whole thing. (All pictures can be enlarged when you click on them)

The base of the nail is first covered in Diana of London Jasmine nail paint that I reviewed
here - Diana Of Londone City of Glamour - Jasmine

After that I draw small arcs using Lotus Herbals Color Dew nail enamel in Peach Perfect.
Use a toothpick to make the arcs.

I kept repeating the arcs until the flower was big enough for each nail. And finally I drew some leaves using simple arcs again. For the leaves I used a shimmery nail paint in green - NYC Big Money Front

And that's it - I was done.
And now for the steps - look at the picture I created using paint brush - it gives every step that you need to follow - simple arcs and you are done
simple rose nail art tutorial
Nail paints used:
1.  Diana Of Londone City of Glamour - Jasmine
2. Lotus Herbals Color Dew Peach Perfect
3. NYC Big Money Frost
4. Top coat - Lakme clear glass

I will try this again sometime later when I have a bit more time so that I can do it neatly. But I do hope you like the picture tutorial and can use this sometime. I have small nails but if you have bigger nails you can repeat the flower on your nails and can even try different coloured flowers. I have used the pointed end of the toothpick to pick up the nail color - you can use the flat end to draw thicker petals. You can also do the same piece of art using nail art tools.

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  1. nice color combo
    luvd d way u did d rose w/o any tools

  2. linked u back on my post.....

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    I like your nail design.

  4. Hi! I found you on Cute Nails too. You are good and I am following you :)

    1. Please follow publicly as I can't see you otherwise :)

  5. thanks everyone - I'm glad you liked it - will check your blogs out too !

    @Puja - special thanks for linking to this!

  6. its come out so cute....i liked your pictorial tute.


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