E.L.F. eye liner plus eye shadow pencil

Saturday, April 21, 2012

E.L.F. eye liner plus eye shadow pencil

I love putting eye liner every single day and when I visited the E.L.F. website I knew I had to try out their eye pencils. This is a very nice twist up pencil liner which has a complementing shadow on the other end.

The color I am reviewing today is brown liner with a golden beige shadow called 'basic'. First the liner - it draws perfect lines, has a good pigmentation and has very fine glitter - so this is not your usual matte brown liner but slightly shimmery dark brown.

Both sides of the pencil are twist ups. The other end is a shadow that is a very nice golden beige. It is shimmery and can be blended to give a gentle glow to the eyelid.

Here is a swatch of both the liner and the shadow.

Next I just blended both the liner and shadow gently with a finger to show you how they would look if you smudged them over the eye lid.

I love this eyeliner for daily use - you can use both the shadow and liner separately as well as team them up with other colors as you please.

The only drawback for me is that the staying power is not too good. I tend to rub my eyes when I'm thinking of something doing my work and one or two thoughtful rubs are enough to leave me with half eyeliner off my eye :(

What I like about this:
1. Easy to carry around
2. Good pigmentation
3. Dirt cheap

What I don't like:
1. Staying power
2. Availability - only available in the US


  1. nice rewview Shilpa, can u suggest me whr to buy elf products in US.. i mean any store... not the online purchase u knw... thanks

  2. Hi Crazyhny - you can easily find these at Walmart and Target stores - if I remember correctly this should cost you about a dollar or two


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