Neutrogena - Skin Clearing Oil-Free Makeup

Monday, April 23, 2012

Neutrogena - Skin Clearing Oil-Free Makeup

My quest for a good foundation is still on - having pimple prone skin that likes to act on its own is not an easy thing to handle. From simple souffle form to the latest fad of mineral foundations - I have tried many but all in vain.
I was going over the Neutrogena website sometime back and saw this foundation which promised to clear the skin over time. I read the reviews and thought of giving it a try.
I asked my husband to get it from the US on one of his trips (this is not yet available in India).
Now for the foundation - it comes in a small glass bottle - the shade I got was fresh beige.

The back label is actually a small booklet with instructions and ingredients - you can see the 'peel here' in the pic below - that is where the first page raises to reveal more pages below.

The product claims to clear skin owing to the salicylic acid content.
The texture of the foundation is creamy liquid - it smooths out like a dream - no smudging no cakiness.

I have used this with a foundation brush, with a makeup sponge and also with my bare fingers.
Using with a brush gives a more airbrushed look but I like the dewy look it gives when smoothed out with bare fingers.
In the image below I have spread it on my hand to show you the dewy smoothness when spread with fingers

It hides blemishes and gives a smooth appearance to the skin. BUT, yes even though I love it so much there is a big drawback - the lasting power is horrible - anything that comes in contact with your face is sure to get kissed by this foundation. And I simply hate that!!! In summers you can easily put loose powder or some compact over this to increase the staying power but still make sure you keep your hands off your face.

I have been using this for over 6 months - this foundation did not improve anything about my skin but it does not break me out (unless I put a moisturizer before applying it - I guess it is creamy enough to not require a moisturizing base). Surprisingly I still have 1/4th of the foundation left - so there is quite a lot of product in the tiny little container :)

What I like:
1. Price (I think this cost only about $6 - Rs 300 approx)
2. Smoothness and dewy look it gives

What I hate:
1. Lasting power
2. Availability

I seem to be reviewing everything that has no availability in India - need to get hold of some Indian stuff from my cabinet :) 


  1. 300 is such a good price for a foundation! That too Neutrogena. :D hope they release it soon in India, I'm sure they'll hike the rate though. Nice review. :) I'm following you, can't wait to see more posts! Follow me if you like. :)

  2. It sure is a good price - thanks Nisha - am following you too :)

  3. They should launch it in India asap! and I agree with nisha, there ll be a price hike!

    1. Hey Emm - just realized you are circular insanity - whom I've been following :D
      Follow my blog if you like it!

  4. I cannot find a link to enter my country and other details - please give more details on how to do this (also translating the website to Engilsh shows some errors on the page)

  5. im not a great fan of liquid foundation.. i think i dont understand the whole how to apply it properly techniques :P im more a skin tint kinda person but this looks okay yea.

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  7. nice post...i am following ....follow me if u like...

  8. thanks Puja - yup I joined your blog too :)

  9. Hi Shilpa
    Thanks for informative article. I was wondering whether you used any SPF creme underneath this foundation during your trial? I notice it doesn't have any in the foundation itself..

    1. Hi Maria, no this does not contain SPF and I did not use any SPF cream underneath.
      If you are planning to use some sort of SPF cream try using an SPF serum or gel instead of cream - use a cream based SPF only if you have dry skin - I personally have found that cream based SPF products break me out.

  10. Neutrogena is minimalist when it comes to packaging.
    ~Pauline @neutrogena philippines

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