More Awards in June!

Monday, June 4, 2012

More Awards in June!

Well friends I have a reason to celebrate once again. My friends Puja and Kumkum have given me blog awards.

First of all thank you Puja (from - Puja has a great blog about nail art and her endeavours to inspire us all never end. Do check out her blog and you'll know why she herself has got so many blog awards!

Puja has given me the 3 awards below

Next is Kumkum, another friend I have made through the world of blogs. Kumkum (from does crips reviews about products and her reviews are quite helpful.
Kumkum has given me the following award:

Thank you so much both Puja and Kumkum.

I nominate the following people for these awards:
One Lovely Blog Award:

Your Blog is Great Award:
Sophia from

Shiny blue dolphin award:

(PS: Puja I love the shiny blue dolphin !)


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