Recognition and Awards - A Humbling Experience

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recognition and Awards - A Humbling Experience

I felt ecstatic and humbled all at once as I got a tweet from IFabbo that one of my posts had been featured in the Favourites of The Week (Sept 24 - Sept 28). The post that got featured is How To Cover A Gray Strand Of Hair Right Before A Party

I am really thrilled!!!
image courtesy iFabbo

And to top it off same night I got a message on Facebook by my dear friend Puja from that she had given me two awards. Thank you so much Puja for these awards. This is very encouraging and helps me move on and continue my efforts on my blog.

The awards I got are

These awards have been created by another dear friend Demi (from beautyandthemist). I just love all the friendship that is spreading through these awards!

And now I would like to pass on this award to (trying not to give it to friends who already received this :D)
Harshita (
Amrin (
Arpita Tiwary (

I actually nominate all my fellow bloggersfor this award (even if I don't have your name mentioned up there!)
Lets spread the friendship!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the post and the awards too!
    Of course I give you these awards too as they were created for all my friends!

  2. wow! congratulations, it was a lovely post and I'd read it :)

  3. hi Congrats Shipa!!! for the feature :) & awards :)

  4. Congrats really deserve all these...:)

  5. Just saw this! AMAZING! :) Thnkoooooooooooooooooo :D

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