Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge - Review

Monday, December 10, 2012

Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge - Review

I’ve been using my fingers for foundation application for a long time. Then I started using a foundation brush and liked the close-to air-brush finish that it can impart. I had also experimented with makeup sponges but found that most of my foundation is eaten up by the sponge itself. But I liked the ease with which I could maneuver the sponge. When my makeup sponge broke up and it was time to buy a new one, I opted for the Basicare duet foundation sponge Rubicell & NBR.

Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge Rubicell & NBR

What the company claims
Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge Rubicell & NBR

The Product
Basicare Duet foundation sponge is a sponge that has two sides – one is peachy in color and the other is black. Texture of the peachy side is like normal good quality makeup sponges, soft and smooth. The black side is soft but has a very fine grainy feel (like sandpaper but not rough at all)
Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge Rubicell & NBR
Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge Rubicell & NBR

The Duet Foundation sponge is very flexible and easy to use on all parts of the face.
Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge Rubicell & NBR

My Experience
I quiet like this little Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge. Firstly its texture is nice and feels good on the skin. Secondly when I apply foundation using the peach side, application is very easy. And finally the black side makes the whole appearance come out to be very natural.

I have used this with liquid and cream foundations. I apply foundation on my face (dot it all over) then wet the peach side of the sponge and smooth out all the foundation with it. This way it does not soak up too much of the product. Once I am done I move the black side of the sponge all over my face evening out the entire face. This gives a very nice – if I can say –almost air brushed sort of look.

Washing the sponge with soap and water and then drying it out keeps it clean and fresh.
Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge Rubicell & NBR

Details at a glance
Packaging: comes in a plastic packaging which has to be thrown away
Texture: Ultra-fine, Micro-cell Texture, Flawless Finish, Oil Resistant, Low Absorption
Size: 4.7 x 5.7 cm, ,
Price: Rs 124

What I like
  • very good quality
  • black side gives a nice finish to the foundation application

What I don’t like
  • nothing
Have you tried the Basicare Duet Foundation Sponge?


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