NBBN Theme Post: Christmas Snow Flakes, Candy Cane and Snow Covered Tree - Nail Art Tutorial

Sunday, December 9, 2012

NBBN Theme Post: Christmas Snow Flakes, Candy Cane and Snow Covered Tree - Nail Art Tutorial

Before Christmas bells start to ring I thought I'd try doing a nail art based on the theme. And not just nail art but what I like doing the most is sharing the tutorial on how I created the look.

Lets begin by taking a look at the final Christmas nail art containing snow flakes, candy cane and a snow covered tree on my nails.

Christmas Nail Art - Snow Flake, Candy Cane, Snow Covered Tree
Christmas Nail Art

As you can see I did a snow flake pattern on my thumb, candy canes on two fingers, a snow covered tree on the middle finger and made my ring finger nail as the accent nail with a frosty green and red stripes.

I used the Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red (reviewed HERE), NYC Big Money Frost (reviewed HERE), and Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel White (also used HERE and HERE) for creating this nail art. I used a dotting tool which has one pointed end and one round end (you can use nail art pens or tooth picks for doing this pattern as well)

Now for the tutorial

Snow Covered Tree Nail Art Tutorial Picture

Snow Covered Tree
Step 1: Just like a French tip - create the snow base for the tree - the good thing is you don't have to draw the perfect French tip - make it messy to look natural
Step 2: Draw a straight line for the trunk of your tree. I have kept mine towards one side of the nail, you may wish to draw it right in the centre.
Step 3: Draw the branches using downward strokes, almost like inverted V shapes but with flared out ends - draw as many as you wish. As you can see in the actual nail art photos, my nails are too short so I could barely fit in 3 branches!
Step 4: Decorate rest of the nail with small and big dots to create the snow effect

Snow Flake and Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial

Next up is the snow flake.
Step 1: Create a cross of 3 straight lines as shown in the picture on end end of the nail
Step 2: Draw small V shapes on the end of each stroke of the cross
Step 3: Draw small and big dots to create smaller snow flakes

And last but my favourite - the candy cane
Step 1: Draw a diagonal line towards one side of the nail as shown, make sure it does not cover the entire nail.
Step 2: Draw a C shape at one end of the diagonal line. Your basic cane shape is ready.
Step 3: Take red nail paint and draw tiny diagonal lines along the entire length of the cane and your candy cane is all done!

How is everyone's preparation for Christmas going? Do leave your comments and share you views on the nail art above!
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