Join Garnier Men India In The Nationwide Movement - Say No To Bars

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Join Garnier Men India In The Nationwide Movement - Say No To Bars

Join Garnier Men India In The Nationwide Movement - Say No To Bars

If you have been following me on twitter you must have seen the fun contest that ran yesterday and today. We asked why men should #SayNoToBars and got some fun answers - where most people interpreted 'bars' to mean places where you go drink alcohol! And today we pondered over #StupidThingsMenDo - hilarious answers went around the whole day. Do check out twitter and search for both the hashtags to read the responses across all blogger accounts!

Well here are more details behind these two contests. This is what Garnier is aiming at so read on!

Join Garnier Men India In The Nationwide Movement - say no to bars
Join Garnier Men India In The Nationwide Movement - Say No To Bars

"Men will be men! No matter what the situation, this statement will always hold true for them.

Take a minute to think this through...
How many men have you seen who pay attention to grooming? Well, we know your answer - barely any, right! That's true for most men. As the brand that cares about men and their grooming, Garnier Men India is out on a mission to change this.

We believe, behind every successful man there is a woman - who helps him with what to wear and what to do. So, what could be a better way to make men change their attitude towards grooming than get the women to lead this initiative with us?

This is why, Garnier Men has partnered with over 30 bloggers who are recognised as experts in beauty and care, in this Nationwide Movement where we ask men to Say No To Bars. Yes, we mean - Say No To ‘Soap’ Bars. Wondering why? Here you go -

1. Soap bars are unhygienic as the same bar is used for multiple purposes. Instead, why not switch to a face wash which is for a defined purpose?

2. Soap bars are history now! Modern men prefer to use face wash that is customised to suit their skin's needs.  So, why not be the man of today who loves modern facilities?

3. Soap bars are inconvenient and not practical to use at all. Then, why not be smart and switch to a face wash which is easy to carry?

Keeping these advantages of face wash in mind, we ask men to take a pledge against the use of soap bars. We instead recommend men to use the Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash for a deep cleansing action which removes excess oil without drying your skin while ensuring a day-long oil-free feel.

To make sure, they get the message clearly, here's a fun video which tells you why it's time to #SayNoToBars and #SayYesToOilClear

So go ahead, bring a change in the men you care about! " 

Do watch the video and if you want your man to take care of his skin - ask him to take the pledge and join the movement HERE

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