International Giveaway - Win From OASAP

Sunday, November 16, 2014

International Giveaway - Win From OASAP

As we near the end of this year, here is another giveaway for all of you. This time you get to win your choice out of two different cape coats from OASAP.

international giveaway, win coat from OASAP

You can win either one of these


 All you need to do is follow these simple rules - and please please please make sure you follow the rules - what's the point in participating but not having valid entries.

1. Follow the blog on instagram - OurExternalWorld and repost the contest picture with hashtag #OEWOASAP
2. Follow OASAP_OFFICIAL on instagram
2. Create an account on OASAP website (click the name) 
3. Comment below mentioning 
     a) Your email id (so that I can contact you if you win)
    b) Your instagram id (make sure your profile is public - accounts created only for giveaways will be disqualified)
     c) Email id used to subscribe on OASAP website

4. Extra points if you invite your friends to the giveaway (mention in the comments full name of friends you invite)

Contest is open from 16th November to 22nd November - hurry spread the word !

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  1. My email id:
    My instagram id: @ashadivya
    Email id used to subscribe on OASAP website:

  2. My only mail:
    It id: @ilafede83

  3. Information about me:
    Email Id :
    Instagram Id : @bhawnachirps
    Email Id used for OASAP:

  4. I have invited on facebook : Chandani Jain, Aprajita Trivedi, Tazyeen Firdous, Umme Aymen, Swati Raju Makhijani, Bhavani Sekar, Swati Raju Makhijani, Pooja Aggarwal, Pooja Saluja Dudeja

  5. Invited these people too on Facebook: Sh'lpa Majumdar, Shilpa Nitin Dawar, Niti Sharma Kapil, Shilpa Tiwari, Shilpa Dugar, Gunavathy Ghun Jain, Rinki K Ghosh, Ruchi Verma, Roma Gupta Sinha, Rakhee Gupta, Sneh Lata, Suman Lata, Jhilmil D Saha, Aparna Appu

  6. email:
    ig: priya79kapoor

  7. email dlatany at gmail dot com
    instagram sweetums82
    email for OASAP is dlatany at gmail dot com

  8. email -
    instagram- breelovesfashion8

  9. Mail Id :
    Instagram Id : @bhavanisekar (
    Reposted Link:
    Email Id used for OASAP:

  10. Thank you so much dear for the awesome giveaway 😍. . It's a must for winters. . Followed all the rules dear. . I'll be inviting more friends through Instagram. .

    My Instagram I'd is reenarana123gmailcom

    Email id

    OASAP.COM Sign up id is

    Hope to get lucky. . Fingers & toes tightly crossed 😇

  11. Tagging @prakrati13 @smokykohl @chinoamit @theknotstory @glittery_hut @chinoamit @fishyeyes_ will be inviting my friends on Instagram to join the awesome giveaway 😍

    Reenarana123gmailcom - Instagram I'd email id

  12. email id :
    instagram id: @shilpabindlish
    Email id used to subscribe on OASAP website:

    Shilpa Bindlish

  13. hy Shilpa, i would really want to win this giveaway. Its very kind gesture of yours to give away , the love and a heartly thankyou. Mam :*

    If i may be the chosen one, find me. email id:
    insta id: _sizzles95

    Hope more reviews,giveaways,swatches, posts keep coming ahead :)

  14. Eagerly waiting for the results. . Fingers & toes tightly crossed 😇. . Hope to get lucky once. .


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