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Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review

Have you ever tried a face mask sheet? The ones which come with the funny little holes for the eyes, nose and mouth and make you look like a clown when you have them on?

Today's post is about face mask sheets that I got sometime back from a Korean Skincare Cosmetic Website called These mask sheets are truly so adorable in their packaging that I wanted to click each and every one for you but will be restricting myself otherwise this post will be full of only images. believes that you should focus on having gorgeous skin and use makeup only for enhancing your existing good looks. Korean skincare is known to focus on the ingredients in their products that target skin concerns. - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review

I got a huge collection of different face mask sheets online from their website. Each of these retails around $3 which is way cheaper than the ones you get here in India at the moment.

Take a look at this one below. Is that cute or what! Each mask sheet comes packed in a foil based wrapper with a gorgeous image on front. The back side contains instructions on how to use the mask. Even though the text is mostly Korean they have pictures to show you how to use the mask. - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review, four seasons - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review

The ones I am sharing here are from the Four Season range which is essentially a range of mask sheets catering to different skin types and needs. There is one with multi vitamins for a brightening effect, a collagen boosting mask sheet for fighting wrinkles, a 'Syn-ake' time reset mask and an aloe vera mask for soothing the skin. - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review, four seasons, snail repairing, collagen lifting, aloe vera - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review

The mask sheets are very simple to use. Clean your face, take out a sheet, unfold it, place it on your face matching the eye holes with your eyes, nose hole with your nose, and the mouth hole over your lips so hat you can breathe. Secure the edges nicely and sit back to relax. The sheet is drenched in skin healing liquids that work on your skin as the sheet mask dries. There is enough liquid in the pack that you can spread it all over your face once you take off the sheet mask.

After around 20 minutes you can remove the mask, gently massage any left over liquid over your face and you are done. The masks smell amazing so you get a renewed feeling after using one of these masks. To get the maximum benefit I would suggest you keep these refrigerated so that you can enjoy the cooling sensation specially if you are living in a hot and humid area like mine. - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review, red ginseng, syn-ake anti-wrinkle - Korean Skin Care Website - Mask Sheets - Review

I am so in love with the cute images on these packets that I have a hard time parting with them.
Face mask sheets are a great alternative to applying otherwise time consuming face masks. And trust me, they are a lot more fun to use. Next time I'm wearing one I'll post one of my funny looking pic on Instagram. Till then, do head over to and check out what you want to try - they are currently selling out a lot of products at $1.65 - shipping is free if your order is over $40. Below this amount the tracked shipping is only $3. And they ship worldwide. I think my packet reached me within 5 days. So its surely not a bad deal.
They have products from several different brands like Benila, Etude House, Innisfree and TonyMoly.

Happy skin care times ahead to all you lovely ladies out there!

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