Custom Printed Cushions

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Custom Printed Cushions

Hi everyone! This time I'm sharing a quick experience I had in getting a custom cushion printed. I was searching for a cushion to use in office and wanted something that would stand out.

Based on my previous experience with from which I got two canvas prints done (read about canvas print surprise), I decided to explore their site for other custom things. I saw that they had a custom cushion priced at Rs 399 only for a 12x12 size cushion. This includes the cushion as well as the custom printed cover.

I did not want a very personal photo to be printed and instead chose a fun Disney quote that I found online. I love Winnie The Pooh series and decided to get this image printed.

Winnie The Pooh Quotes

And here is the cushion which came in 5 days. It was packed tightly in a hard cardboard cylinder. The cover was folded separately.

Canvaschamp custom print cushion

The cover did have some wrinkles due to the folds but within a day they smoothed out after I put it over the cushion. The fabric is synthetic with a satin feel to the outer surface. You can print on the back as well for an extra charge but text is free. I got 'Winnie & Friends' written on the back just to give it that full Winnie The Pooh feel.

I love the final product and think this is a great gifting option. Would you gift a custom cushion, if yes what kind of print would you get done?


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