Vaya - Drynk To Stay Cool Through The Day

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Vaya - Drynk To Stay Cool Through The Day

Hi friends! Last week I styled my basic drink - plain cold water - in a bottle that makes heads turn wherever I take it along! I'm introducing you all to my new thirst companion, the Vaya Drynk in Gold.

Vaya Drynk bottle, sipper, gulper
Vaya Drynk in Gold

Drynk is a sipper and gulper all in one. It comes in a variety of colors, a glossy finish as well as a metallic finish, and two different sizes, 600mL amd 350mL. I chose the Gold metallic finish in 600mL size. The Gold Drynk looks classic. Now coming to what makes this bottle so cool. This bottle comes with a flip top sipper cap, and one gulping cap. It also has two travel friendly glasses. The whole set comes in a convenient pack. The bottle itself is made of stainless steel which means its easy to clean and maintain. The lids and glasses are BPA free making them safer than regular plastic bottles. While the larger boytle is great for water and juices, the smaller size is perfect for tea and coffee.

Drynk Sipper and Gulper
Vaya Drynk Sipper & Gulper

The sipper cap is designed so that you never hit your nose while sipping. It has a magnetic lid which means you'll never have hygiene issues with a lost cap cover.

It keeps water cold for over 12 hours (the company claims that it will remain cold for 18 hours but I've never tried it out for so long).
The design makes it look stylish, I carry it everywhere,  even into meetings.

Vaya Drynk
Vaya Drynk

Price: Rs 2300 (600 mL)
           Rs 1200 (350 mL)

You can buy Drynk online from the website They do have some discounts going on right now. 

I'm enjoying my water everyday and now that I have cold water at my disposal all the time, I drink up more water than I normally would which is exactly what my body needs in these hot summer months.


  1. Water for the win! Good to know you’re drinking more water

  2. What a cool cup! I love the various spouts! Sometimes I want just a sip but then on the way home from work in the heat I need flip and I would be good to go!

  3. What a nice and multi optioned cup!

  4. I saw ads for Vaya on my IG feed and thought it was a pretty cool company. Love their design aesthetic!

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