Say No to Roadster!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Say No to Roadster!

Are you an online shopper? I am, and I shop for everything online, clothes, shoes, grocery, electronics,  almost everything.

For fashion  shopping I really enjoy shopping from  sites like Jabong and Myntra that offer a lot of discounts. Rarely have I had problems with product quality. Until recently!
I was shopping for myself when I noticed this good looking pair of canvas shoes on Jabong from a brand called Roadster. I thought my husband would like to pair these with his denims. I knew the brand was owned by Myntra and never suspected a qaulity issue. 

Roadster canvas shoes review
Roadster Canvas Shoes

The shoes were originally priced at Rs 1899 but due to the sale weekend Jabong was offering them for Rs 700. Since I had other things in my cart there was no shipping charge for me.

I placed the order and the shoes arrived within a week. The packaging was fine, the shoes appeared to be nice. They fit well and looked quite nice. Mr Husband started wearing them about once or twice a week with very little walking involved - car to work, a little walking on the carpeted floor in office, and that's about it.

After about 3 weeks he noticed the fabric inside starting to wear off. Within 4 weeks the shoes were ready to be thrown out! I contacted customer support but was told nothing could be done about it because the warranty period was over. I requested to be put in touch with the brand customer support but they sent me the same standard reply of out of warranty product.

Roadster canvas shoes review

Poor quality Roadster shoes

Normally I would have let it go thinking it's a one of incident but then I googled about Roadster shoes and realized a lot of people  have had problems with their quality.

With no support from Jabong, no way to add reviews to their website, I decided to post this here so that anyone reading this can bebwarned before wasting their money.

 If you ever plan to buy anything from Roadster, think it over, rather, go out and buy something from a local store. Local stores will not only give you a minimum 3 month warranty on shoes, but they would also help get the shoes repaired if possible.

We used to wear canvas shoes in school, run around in them and still they would last a couple of years (until you outgrew the pair). But these shoes from Roadster seem to have cardboard support inside which you can see creeping through from where the fabric is torn out. From the top the shoes appear all nice but inside the quality is so poor that they are heading into a bin within a month.

Even if the products are heavily discounted, the discount is meant to be genuine and not a means to get rid of poor quality products.

Roadster is one brand you need to steer clear off no matter how much discount they offer.
I hope you find this post useful and you read it in time before heading for a pair of shoes from Roadster.

Say NO to Roadster!


  1. Now that is horrible quality product and even more bad customer service.

    1. I agree, I can't believe they're selling such low quality products

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