Octopus nail art - tutorial

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Octopus nail art - tutorial

A friend on style craze did this really cute animal nail art with a hippo - I was inspired and thought of giving something in the animal theme a try. After a lot of thought I decided to try an octopus. I wanted to make mine really cute but well, ahmm... this is how it turned out

nail art - octopus

Here are step by step pictures - please ignore the horrible control on the brush - ya I tried doing this with a painting brush - which I realized is wonderful for paints but not for polishes! Keep reading because I do have a picture tutorial - and I'm sure those of you who are more practised with nail art can do a great job on this same little octopus!
nail art - octopus - nail paints used
Octopus Nail Art - Nail Polishes used
 Step 1: I took a paint pallet and mixed the Lotus white nail paint with NYC blue nail paint to create a light blue (for the ocean) colour - and then sponged it on using the same technique I used for step 1 of sponging-nail-art-soft-pink-tutorial
Octopus Nail Art - Step 1
Step 2: I used the Sally Hansen Salon nail paint and drew round circles in the middle of the nails using a 0 number paint brush (round nail art tools can be used for a smoother circle)

Octupus Nail Art - step 2
Octopus Nail Art - step 2
 Step 3: Next I took a toothpick - broke its tip and used it to draw the wavy legs of the Octopus
Octupus Nail Art - step 3
Octopus Nail Art - step 3
 Step 4 and Step 5 - I took the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength to add two dots for the eyes and then the white nail paint to draw the smile
Octupus Nail Art - step 4
Octopus Nail Art - step 4
And finally the tutorial on how to do it yourself:
Octopus Nail Art - tutorial
Octopus Nail Art - Tutorial
Nail paints used:
1. Lotus Herbals Color Dew Pure White (81)
2. NYC - In a Minute - shade 206 East Village
3. Sally Hansen - Complete Salon Manicure - shade 260 So Much Fawn
4. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - shade 28 Save the Date

I hope you like the tutorial despite my horrible attempt. I wish I was more patient! Do share your trials if you do an Octopus :)


  1. Replies
    1. you really like it? that coming from you means a lot - really! Thanks!

    2. Ya ...I really like it....it's very neat and I love the pictorial part in your tutorials very much.....:)

  2. very cute shilpa..... m over d top tht i inspired sm1... thnx :)

    1. thanks Dimpal - and I'm so glad you girls are liking it despite it not being professional looking at all :P

  3. You turned an octopus from an icky creature to a cute one :)

  4. This is so cute!!! :)

  5. ohh it seems awesome..although i hv never tried nail arts but expecting more tutorials from ur end :)


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