Hiding Acne Scars - And The Winner Is?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hiding Acne Scars - And The Winner Is?

A whole week spent trying to hide those acne scars. Four products of one brand put to test. Faces Canada cosmetics have faired quite well.

So we saw how the Faces Vanishing Act Concealer, the Faces Oil-Free Foundation, and the Faces Mineral Loose Powder fared. The fourth product I realized had already been reviewed by me sometime back - the Faces Silken Finish Pressed Powder.

So which one was the best in terms of concealment? If you have read my posts you know it is the Faces Oil-Free Foundation hands down. And if you haven't you can check out each post which has real face photos with and without the product.

The vanishing act concealer also did a good job but for a person who wants to do up their entire face it becomes necessary to use a foundation and that is where the Faces Oil Free Foundation comes to the rescue.

For a more subtle look opt for the vanishing act concealer topped with the mineral loose powder and you are set for the day.

Treating the scars takes time so it is imperative to hide them when you can. So no more scary acne scars, say YES to gorgeous fresh looking skin!

If you have tried products which you feel work wonders in hiding your scars yet giving that no-makeup look - then please do share in the comments below. I have to fight acne scars on a daily basis and maybe your comments will lead me to something that is better than all the ones I've tried till date!


  1. Hey I am going to try this soon! :) Thanks for the post

  2. For my facial acne scarring, the method that really did a wonderful job was a fraxel Toronto procedure. This treatment actually removed all acne scars on my face forever! In my opinion, for acne scar removal, nothing is better than fraxel skin resurfacing! Try it Shilpa and you'll surely get exceptional results! :)

    1. thanks for sharing! I will be posting soon on what is working for me at the moment with a before and after pic. Stay tuned!


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