Coloressence Bridal Kajal - Review

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Coloressence Bridal Kajal - Review

Guest post by Iswarya Laxmi

I know how much we all love kajal’s and finding a right one is like a dream to us.
Before the Maybelline colossal and Lakme eye conic ones were launched in the market, I was on the lookout for a dense kajal that was smudge free.

I was using the Himalaya one and was happy with it but I wanted to try and experiment new brands.
When I went to a beauty store this coloressence kajal caught my eye.

Coloressence Bridal Kajal
Coloressence Bridal Kajal

What the company claims
"Bridal Kajal:
This unique Ayurvedic formula is soft and soothing to the eye
The added ingredients help to improve vision and brighten the eye
It is mild, gentle and safe to the eye and therefore can be used by anyone
This kajal does not smudge"

What the pack says

  • Unique nourishing formula for effortless application
  • Water proof and ultra-smooth for all day wear
  • Bridal kajal is a state of the art kajal with a unique fast dry formula that has a smooth flow and apt application which is water proof and lasts all day without smudging and flaking

It comes in a plastic packaging with a twist up product application similar to that of our lipsticks. The product comes in a conical form. The outer package is black with a silver rim.
The package is very attractive.
Coloressence Bridal Kajal
Coloressence Bridal Kajal

My Experience
This kajal is not at all smooth and it’s not gliding on my eyeline. It’s too hard and I can hardly see any difference after applying it. This is one of the worst kajal I have ever used. I personally didn’t like it. I was expecting a lot when it was written bridal kajal.
They have just used some fancy words on the package. It’s not that smudge free and waterproof too. It stayed only till one hour. Also the shade is light black. It’s not that deep or pigmented.

Coloressence Bridal Kajal - Swatches
Coloressence Bridal Kajal - Swatches

Details at a glance
Packaging: plastic, travel friendly
Pigmentation: not good
Waterproof: no
Price: Rs 85

What I like

  • Economical/inexpensive
  • Product will last long as the quantity is decent enough
  • Travel friendly
  • Attractive packaging

What I don't like

  • Hard
  • Not effective/not true to its claim
  • Not easy to use
  • Not the deep black

Repurchase: no, never
Rating 1/5
Final verdict: Girls if you are looking for a daily wear kajal then this product is fine but if you are looking out for a smudge free or waterproof and pigmented one for smokey look then this product won’t help.
Hope you liked my review.
Stay beautiful :)

This is a guest post by Iswarya Laxmi of I am Girly
Here is what she has to say about her self

I am Iswarya and I am a graduate in visual communication. I hail from the God’s own country (Kerala). I love media. I am  passionate about blogging!

My obsessions:

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  1. That's sad :( Thanks for the review Ish.. I am not picking this up!

  2. Great review Iswarya.......:)
    Will be skipping this...

  3. Nice review ! I don't really like Coloressence.. though cheap, but quality sucks..

  4. thanks for posting our external world

    love &regards,


  5. hey nice review Iswarya :)
    I can see it is not at all pigmented..i will never pick it
    Thanx for the review :)

  6. very nice and honest review, love the this review. i would better prefer lakme or revlon kajal...But nice post.
    Cardiac Surgery India

  7. i have also used it.. its the worst kajal i have ever seen

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