Orly French Manicure – Step by Step Tutorial and Review

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Orly French Manicure – Step by Step Tutorial and Review

French manicure is one style of doing your nails which can never go out of style. It was a rage in 2012 and will remain so in 2013 and many years to come.
Orly French Manicure Kit
Recently I got hold of this very pretty little set of 3 nail paints and French tip stickers that help you do French Manicure like professionals. Its the Orly French Manicure set that I got with the main color being Rose.

Orly French Manicure Kit
The set contains 3 nail paints – one is blue in color – this is the top & base coat (goes on clear on the nails), there is one nail paint in white for doing the tips, and there is one nail paint that is the main color of the nail which in my case is a very pale pink called Rose (looks dark in the bottle). You can purchase this at http://www.beautystoponline.com/

Orly French Manicure Kit
Along with these nail paints there is a little pack of stickers which are basically your guides for creating the French tips.
Orly French Manicure Kit

The pack contains detailed instructions on how to use this set. Let’s see how to use this set and what are the final results by a novice like me.

Orly French Manicure Kit

Step 1: Apply the base coat
Step 2: Once the base coat is dry, apply the French tip sticker with the curve inwards just below your nail tip – the idea is to leave out space that needs to be painted white for creating the French tip.
Step 3: Apply white nail paint on the tips of the nails.
Step 4: Once the white nail paint has dried off, carefully peel off the sticker – be very gentle and remove the sticker moving your hand towards the nail tip. This is the step where you have to be very careful and gentle. I messed up the thumb because I pulled too quickly resulting in an uneven base to my French tip.
Orly French Manicure Kit - tutorial steps 1 to 4

Step 5: Now take the main nail color (in my case Rose) and apply one or two coats on the entire nail.
Step 6: Finish off with the top coat
Orly French Manicure Kit

And there you have perfect looking French Manicure at the comfort of your home. With practice I am sure I’ll be able to do this even better but I’m happy with the results.
Orly French Manicure Kit - finished look
Orly French Manicure Kit

One thing I noticed, the Rose shade is a bit dark as it turns the tips into a light pink shade which apparently in the pictures still looks perfect. Next time I’m going to skip the rose and try doing the entire manicure with only the top and base coats and the white nail paint.

So do you like this French Manicure? Do leave your comments and let me know if you have made any new year resolutions!


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    1. thanks Puja! I'm sure you can do it without the guiding strips :)

  2. I love the looks I can get with this.It's a definite Iink is Skinlastin. already know which is my favorite and it surprised me - the <a winner.Of course the whole box is great.


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