How To Setup A UV Nail Lamp For Gel Manicure

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How To Setup A UV Nail Lamp For Gel Manicure

Finally friends after taking so long to post this - here is a post where I will tell you all that I have learnt about Gel Manicures. And the first step for a gel manicure is to setup your UV nail lamp.

I purchased my UV nail lamp online (and if you follow me on Facebook you would know that I ordered two by mistake and am trying to sell of one of these - so yup if you need one leave me a comment so that I know!)

So the UV nail lamp came in a regular cardboard box and it had 4 UV lamps of 9W each. The lamps were packaged individually. The base of the UV Nail Lamp slides out so that you can see the sockets where the UV Lamps are to be inserted. You need to be careful, align the ends properly before gently pushing it inside. Once all the 4 lamps are inserted properly, slide back the base and you are ready to go.

How To Setup A UV Nail Lamp For Gel Manicure, tutorial

Now most gel polishes will clearly mention the duration for which you need to keep your nails under the UV light. Most of these say 2 minutes in a 36W lamp. Notice that the total power of my UV Lamp is 36W (4 x 9W).

As you can see setting this up was simple and easy. Next we will learn about how to actually do a Gel manicure.

This lamp cost me Rs 1400 per piece. In India its available for around Rs 4000. In case you want to purchase the extra one I have let me know.

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